R is for ROI (Return on Investment)

Graphic from JFitzgerald.com.

ROI is overrated.

Return on Investment (ROI) is one of the most widely used financial ratios, like Earnings Per Share (EPS), Current Ratio (CR), or Debt to Equity (DE). These things grow like weeds, once fledgling MBAs get hold of an HP 12-C calculator. Soon every conversation gets sprinkled with acronyms. Then, executives try to apply financial ratios to everything, and anyone who objects that you can’t put a value on everything is told to take a hike.

Net Profit means after subtracting the Cost of the Investment. Graphic from investinganswers.com.

Not Entirely Useless

ROI can be a useful measure, especially in making choices. Suppose you have a portfolio–that’s investor slang for “bunch of different”–investments that you made of differing amounts. You want to know which one has grown the most consistently over the last five years. An ROI comparison makes the numbers comparable.

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