2023 A to Z Challenge: The Silk Road

For the 2023 A to Z challenge, I picked the Silk Road, my current research area. Twenty-six posts on everything from camels to Qara Qorum, with the Chinese explorers Zhang Qian & Zheng He thrown in for good measure. You can scroll through the posts via the Next button at the bottom, or search April 2023 on the sidebar menu.

Picture from Corbis/Getty Images

I had a ton of fun the last three years writing about the Olympics, Accounting, and the Renaissance. Even though April is always so busy with the taxes and the side gigs and now studying so much… I can’t help it. I want to write about letters X, Q, and J.

Most of these will be short little snippets. Lots of towns, lots of medieval trade goods. Not chronological, but if you’re interested, you’ll pick up a lot of facts and ambience. Can you smell the spices on the desert breezes? Can you hear the wind rustling over the sand and the snort of the camels as they jostle for the well water?

Get ready to journey…

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  1. I looking forward to this and hoping next year – an Olympic year – you’ll do another Olympics one. 🙂

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