Outside the Olympic Spotlight

Outside the Olympic Spotlight: American Triumphs You Didn’t See at the 2016 Rio Olympics
(2024–2nd edition–with PHOTOS!)

***For the duration of Summer 2024, and in honor of the upcoming Paris Games, I’m making this book available for free in Kindle Select. Details below.***

Cover, Outside the Olympic Spotlight by Maria Kaj

This is my first book, near and dear to my heart. It emerged from my amazement at watching the performance of Team USA athletes at the Rio de Janeiro Olympics in 2016 and my irritation that their stories were left untold by the major media.

  • the first double gold medalist in Judo
  • the oldest American medalist in Cycling
  • the first American woman and youngest man to win a gold medal in Wrestling
  • the first women’s water polo team to three-peat (now going for a four-peat)
  • the first human being to win a medal on five continents
  • and more..

All American, all record-breakers, and all virtual unknowns to the mass media, although they are all legends in their sport.

Each chapter is the FULL story. I describe the history of the sport, what it takes to score and win an event, all the preliminary heats and opponents, and how each American earned a spot in history. For 2024, I’ve added dozens of photos, ranging from the early days to the 2016 competitions, as well as updating the “where are they now” for each athlete. Two of my “firsts” will be going for a third medal in Paris. Want to find out who? Get the book!

Because I want everyone to read these stories, I’m making the ebook available for free to Kindle owners, through Kindle Unlimited. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can buy the ebook for $0.99 and read it in the Kindle app (trust me, I’ve done it, I don’t have a Kindle!) Plus, not going to lie, I’m hoping that you’ll like my writing enough to check out The A to Z Olympics which is good, though not free, and Women and the Olympic Dream, which is excellent and inspiring…though not free.

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The paperback version will be available soon on Amazon as well as through Barnes and Noble and other fine retailers. Check back in early July 2024 for details on the paperback.

Click here to read an excerpt from the chapter on Michelle Carter’s triumph in the shot put.

All in all, these dozen stories will provide a better look at the athletes who train, compete, and excel to represent the best that America has to offer.

They do it whether anyone watches or not.