Women and the Olympic Dream

Paris 2024 is coming!! The Olympic fans in your household might really appreciate plenty of time to read up.

Woman and the Olympic Dream at McFarland Publishing

Women and the Olympic Dream: The Continuing Struggle for Equality, 1896-2021 McFarland Publishing, July 2022.

Olympic fans are accustomed to watching women compete with as much effort, skill, and success as their male counterparts, but it wasn’t always that way. This book details how women had to push for entrance into Olympic competitions, sport by sport, and year by year. They weren’t allowed to swim because they had to compete in long skirts. They weren’t allowed to run more than a lap because of rumors that they had all collapsed.

The list of restrictions and excuses is long, showing the never-ending set of hurdles women encountered in making their way into the Games. They pushed forward anyway, and the result is a fascinating compilation of individual acts of courage and collective opposition to chauvinistic attitudes.

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