About Kajmeister

Nine years! a few A-to-Z challenges, three books, and a Master’s degree in history later…

In 2016, I traded writing corporate bullet points for essays on history, sports, movies, and flow charts. This blog then led to writing books about sports history and eventually my  History degree. Meanwhile, I keep writing, a little historical narrative here, a pinch of memoir there, a soupcon of popular culture, and an understated puff of social commentary. But No Politics! I refuse to add to the noise of the rest of the Outrage Machine.

My goal is to make you go “I didn’t know that!” or “Wow!” or “How Fun!” and not “Grrrr….”

But beware! These are not tweets. Most posts are more than 1000 words long. If you prefer pondering to swiping, these will be worth the extra effort. Otherwise, enjoy Tik-Tok–I spend no time up there. Besides, I’m a flaming moderate lesbian Chicago MBA banker radical pickleball-playing feminist; I make my own rules.  My heroes are Sarah Vowell and Bernard Cornwell, not the latest influencer.

It turns out I really do like history and more of that will be forthcoming. Moral of the story: Be careful when the rabbit holes beckon.

Also–Attach Seat to Chair and Begin Writing.

There be dragons in these Northern California hills.

Let’s explore the dragons together.

Maria Kaj
Castro Valley, CA

Contact me directly at: mariakajcv@gmail.com