Chicago MBA. Radical feminist. Banker. Writer. Flaming moderate. Lesbian. Rule Follower. Rule Breaker. Muses on a life both illicit and corporate in an age of cognitive dissonance.

My weekly blog plunges into this dissonance with entries that combine memoir and flow charts, fact-finding and artistic dalliance, whether about history, science, food, or the topic of the day. Sometimes on the latest movie; often a story of our latest travels. My goal is to make you think, laugh, or wonder and — as much as I can– not to raise the hackles of modern politics.

I would call these blog posts “on steroids,” more essay than journal entry. My role models were Jon Carroll and Bill Bryson, not Twitter. Reader beware — there are more than 500 words here.

Oh, and I’m also writing books now.

There might be even more dragons in these Northern California hills.

Let’s explore the dragons together.


Maria Kaj
Castro Valley, CA

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