Several hundred blogs, two A-to-Z challenges, and three books later…

In 2016, I traded writing corporate bullet points for essays on history, sports, movies, and flow charts. Entries that combine history, memoir, and science, sometimes the latest movie, often a story of our latest travels. My goal is to make you think, laugh, or wonder but (mostly) not to raise the hackles of modern politics. It turns out I really like writing about history.

These are blog posts on “steroids.” Beware! Most are more than 600 words long, but worth the extra effort. Besides, I’m a flaming moderate lesbian Chicago MBA banker radical feminist; I make my own rules.  My heroes are Sarah Vowell and Bill Bryson, not the latest influencer.

I happen to be especially passionate about the Olympics–it’s even on my menu! I wrote three books, one of which will be out this summer, and five or six posts for every set of Games.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you get interested in.

Also–Attach Seat to Chair and Begin Writing.

There be dragons in these Northern California hills.

Let’s explore the dragons together.


Maria Kaj
Castro Valley, CA

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