Five hundred blogs and counting!

In 2016, I traded writing corporate bullet points for essays on history and flow charts. Entries that combine memoir and science, sometimes the latest movie, often a story of our latest travels. My goal is to make you think, laugh, or wonder and — as much as I can– not to raise the hackles of modern politics.

Blog posts on “steroids.” Beware! These are more than 200 words long, but worth the extra effort. Besides, I’m a flaming moderate lesbian Chicago MBA banker radical feminist; I make my own rules.  My hero is Bill Bryson, not the latest influencer.

I’m also passionate about the Olympics–it’s even on my menu! I wrote a book about the unheralded sports in Rio 2016, so check out the Book in Print or the A to Z challenge Olympic essays, if you’re a fan.

My second book-in-progress will address what to do when you give your full-time job. Some call it retired; I call it becoming much busier. Stay tuned.

There be dragons in these Northern California hills.

Let’s explore the dragons together.


Maria Kaj
Castro Valley, CA

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