Flying My Dork Flag in “The Dork Forest”

*thunk* *thunk*

Can you hear the sound of me bouncing off the walls? That’s because I did an episode of “The Dork Forest,” hosted by the phenomenal podcaster and comic Jackie Kashian. We talk Olympics, we talk women in sports, we talk about what to watch in Paris. And I believe I said, “did you know…” at least twelve times.

I fly the dork flag, I flash the dork badge, I proudly use my exclusive dork encoder ring to unlock special features.

You can listen on Spotify, Apple, Youtube, Podcast Addict, or just check out Jackie’s website. Feel free also to contribute or check out the fine “Dork Forest” merchandise as well.

And did you know where that picture is from? If you’ve been to Tracktown USA, up in Eugene, Oregon, then you know.

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  1. Women weren’t allowed in the marathons until the nineteen-EIGHTIES????!!!!!! Now I really wish I’d gotten into cross-country in high school; I was one of the best in junior high. And I’m so thankful for my Lutheran schools (junior and senior high) where no one gave us any clue this was questionable.

    1. Dear Marleen, I hope that means you listened to the podcast!!! If you did, it’s super exciting that you liked it. And super exciting that the work I put in to post this information up there was seen by somebody. Yay us! And yay that you were a great runner in middle school. My extensive history background of 2 years (*ha!*) has demonstrated that women have done all sorts of things whether they were told they couldn’t or not. Just do it. History may or may not write about it. That’s my conclusion. Thank you!

      1. Yes, I did listen to the podcast. Thank you for taking part and then posting it. Congratulations to you for, presumably, getting through lifesaving lessons or lifeguard training. I took swim lessons every summer, much of my life. I believe it was junior lifesaving — while I was in high school but not at or through my high school — when I decided I wasn’t going to make the cut. We were going to have to tread water for something like half an hour with clothes on. Nope.

        1. Including shoes. The shoes are over the top. Honestly, I’d give a half hour of simply clothing a go now. But that was only junior lifesaving, it was going to be longer and more of a challenge in other ways as well for the real deal. Nevertheless, years later, I did save some lives in the ocean one day… three of my sons, at once, when they were very young and their dad hadn’t been paying close enough attention. You know, some people act like they’re competent when they’re not while others question themselves on the world scene. Anyway, women have done all kinds of things is right… sometimes while pregnant or in heels. And it might or might not be written of. Yay us!

          1. We definitely did the half hour with shoes. I was reminded that I took my training at the lake, where our lessons were in 25 ft of dark water. So you couldn’t let your shoes fall off because you probably couldn’t retrieve them. But WOW! glad you were watching the kids… mother’s do have this sixth sense about that. Definitely yay us! Thanks again for your comments!

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