The Olympics

I am rather passionate about the Olympics. I’ll admit it; I am an Olympics junkie. Since Munich and Montreal, since the triumphs at Lake Placid and Los Angeles, I have devoted weeks in those every-four-year summers to watching, taping, analyzing, agonizing over, and cheering on the athletes. I’m the certifiable nutjob who ordered the entire Triple Play for Barcelona 1992. I still watch copies of Bud Greenspan’s 16 Days of Glory series, some purchased on eBay and some grainy downloads from TV. I have VCR tapes—Beta tapes—full of competitions from Seoul 1988. I don’t even own a Betamax anymore.
–Excerpt from “Introduction” to Outside the Rio Spotlight

I wrote three blogs before and during the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, which you can access via the pull-down menu above.  (And, I expect, more to come with 2018 Winter Olympics).

If you like the blogs, you might also like the Book in Print, a dozen stories which sprung full-blown into my imagination from those blogs. I can’t wait for Tokyo 2020!