Lift and Bridles in Newport (Day 4: Left Coast Mosey)

Heceta Beach, Oregon. Photo by kajmeister.

The southern coasts of Oregon are just as breathtakingly scenic as those in California, but with a little less of the “look at me” vibe. As I recall, the further north you go, the less pomp and circumstance there is about the scenery and the more scenic it becomes.

We spent the afternoon and evening with friends, admiring their little town of Newport and yakking away about books, food, and other topics–in that order of importance, of course. Also, since this might be the last opportunity, we passed a delightful time out on the beach flying kites that we had brought. This would also fulfill my tourist rule that You Must Use Everything You Packed.

Lighthouse at Newport, Ore. Photo by kajmeister.
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