T is for Taxes

1. True or False: Some parts of the world tax cow flatulence.

Nobody likes to pay taxes. Everybody hates tax collectors. In ancient Sumeria (as I noted in letter “C”), they had to press the taxes inside clay balls because they were “tampered” with, presumably by the tax collectors. Nowadays, the tax collectors–the IRS–has safeguards on top of security measures surrounding robust defenses against tampering. That’s a good thing for us. You might want to be more sympathetic towards the IRS. They’re safeguarding our money.

It’s True, cows are taxed extra in EU countries like Denmark and Ireland because their “expulsion” of methane gases are a significant contributor (some 18%) of greenhouses gases. Strange tax practices in history are a fascinating topic I covered before, in Tax the Peasants with this One Weird Trick!

Today, I’ll share a few fun facts about taxes in my annual post reminding you that the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program might be able to do your taxes for you, for free.

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