Family Therapy in a Galaxy Far Far Away

Warning: Though I was quite careful to avoid plot elements of movies discussed below,  there may be spoilers. Proceed with caution.

20170524 maybe4
Starlord has Daddy Issues

Summer is here and so are the aliens. In the movies, that is. You may have the impression that these stories are full of laser cannons, gelatinous monsters, or the long-buried artifact on the moon that will change humanity’s destiny.  Your impression is misleading. The best science fiction films – even the summer blockbusters – have a human story at their core.

I recently watched Guardians of the Galaxy II for the second time and realized how much more I enjoyed it because it is about family relationships. We also had a second viewing of Arrival this week (see my blog 2016-12-14),  an alien invasion tale that is completely encased in and interwoven with a woman’s life with her daughter. Those two films stress how the heart of even a good futuristic adventure should contain the same themes of all great epics – mothers and daughters, sibling rivalry, prodigal sons, coming home, or the birth of a child.

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